Vanport History Audioboxes

Vanport History Audioboxes are coming to Portland! These solar-powered freestanding audio exhibits provide information and stories about Vanport in the voices of its original residents, featuring clips from new and archival interviews.

Look and listen for our audioboxes starting in October in downtown Portland outside Lincoln Hall (PSU campus) and at Force Lake (NE Portland, at the historic location of Vanport). Or, listen to the audioboxes on your device by clicking on the audio segments below.

To read rather than listen to the audiobox content, click here to download the full transcript.

1. Introduction: Oregon’s Vanished City

2. Vanport Schools & Portland State University

3. Discrimination & Diversity in Vanport

4. Life in Vanport

5. Growing Up in Vanport

6. Wartime Shipyard Work

7. The Flood of 1948

8. Vanport’s Legacy

Thank you for listening!