Vanport Places

Vanport was once Oregon’s second largest city, created as a wartime housing development for Kaiser Shipyard. Located in the Kenton neighborhood, it was home to 40,000, but was washed away in a flood on May 30, 1948. Today, all that remains are the memories of the survivors and their families, and a small piece of concrete foundation from the original Vanport movie theater. The Vanport Places project will mark physical locations of historic Vanport — providing common ground for individuals and communities to connect and share memories, stories, and experiences of Vanport.

Map of historic Vanport site and projected signage locations.

“What people don’t understand, they won’t value; What they don’t value, they won’t protect; and what they don’t protect, they will lose.”

Charles Jordan, Former City of Portland Commissioner and Director of Portland Parks & Recreation

Vanport men laying wooden walks through the mud to rescue families from the 1948 Vanport flood
Vanport men laying wooden walks through the mud to help carry children and families out.

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